Weather in Cala Bona

The Cala Bona climate is typical of that of the rest of Spain and Majorca, Mediterranean with hot and sunny summer weather and milder winters which although are sunny, they can be rainy.

If you are looking for the hottest, driest time to visit Cala Bona to avoid any chance of rain or cloudy days then July and August would both be recommended. Early and late summer in May to June and September are particularly comfortable with average temperatures above 18 degrees and few days of rainfall. In addition to the positive land temperatures the waters surrounding the island still hits around 15 degrees in the winter months, peaking at 25 degrees in August so if you love to swim in the sea or surf you can do so comfortably whenever you visit.

Sun in Cala Bona

Hot, clear days in Cala Bona open the town up to being one of the sunniest places in Europe with over 2700 hours of sunshine on average per year. July and August have the most sunshine with around 340 hours per month, an average of 12 hours per day but even December with 150+ hours per month has a much higher level of sunshine to enjoy compared to England!

Rainfall in Cala Bona

Cala Bona partly due to the coastal location and the Mediterranean climate can be rather stormy during the winter. Winter is particularly rainy as is spring with April also having the April Showers you find in England. Rainfall is highest in October with nine days of rain and continues on a similar level until February before rising again in April.

If you are booking a summer holiday to Cala Bona you really do not need to worry about the rain. Between June and August there are typically no more than three days rainfall per month and only one in July. If you do happen to catch a rainy day on your holiday you will not be washed out with only between 5 and 17mm of rain per month any rain will tend to be short showers and of course, dried up quickly due to the sunshine and heat!

Temperatures in Cala Bona

With lots of sunshine and the Mediterranean location temperatures can be high especially during July to August.

The lowest temperatures of the year are found in January to February with the average temperatures ranging from 6 degrees to 15 degrees.

The hottest two months are of course the two driest, July and August with temperatures in the 20-29 degrees range although these are known to go higher. Young families and those that prefer comfortable heat may find June and September more appropriate with temperatures hitting a maximum of 26 degrees and very little rainfall.

October is still relatively warm with the average temperature range from 14 to 23 degrees but it is also the highest month of rainfall which you should bear in mind when planning on when to visit Cala Bona – it can be a perfect week, or there can be quite a few days of rain – it’s more hit and miss than the other summer months.

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